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It’s such a hot summer day and you’re probably eating a large watermelon. Maybe you can smell the stench of PVC hose. I’m sure you are familiar with PVC hoses.

It is not unfamiliar, it is used in many places in our life, such as: household cleaning, household car washing, garden irrigation, gas dust transport etc.

However, some newly purchased PVC hoses, in the sun for two days will be black and have a bad smell. Why does this happen? Why does this happen? We analyse why some garden hoses are black and smelly from the raw material of the PVC hose.

The raw materials of PVC hoses are fixed, such as PVC resin powder, paraffin, calcium powder, etc. Good PVC hoses do not add too much calcium powder.

The more calcium powder added, the worse the quality. The less you add or don’t add, the higher the cost of PVC hose. When buying PVC hoses, try to buy.

Those that do not add too much calcium powder and do not smell too much, so that the PVC hose is not black and smelly and not too expensive.

When buying PVC hoses, always smell them first and then fold them up to see how flexible they are. Thirdly, they should be exposed to sunlight for a day.Fourthly, they should be placed in the fridge to see if the hose is hard. Fifthly, they should be baked over a fire.

Once you know these rules, you will be able to buy the right PVC hoses when buying garden hoses.[1]

Orientflex can provide high quality PVC hose, it won’t turn black, you can have a try.

pvc garden pipe
pvc garden pipe

[1]What is a garden hose, from Wikipedia Introduction