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This is a secret that you don’t know about Chinese PVC hose industry. Get this secret and combine with your local market. I believe it can help you save much money.

As we all know that any raw material is fluctuating. However, the raw materials of PVC hoses must have several basic rules:
First, the price of PVC tubing raw materials will reach the lowest point from June to July every year. Please check the pc1. You can see: From June 20, the price began to drop, about June 22, the price plummeted, On July 22, the price fell to the bottom, and will slowly rebound in the near future. During this time, much of our customers have purchased, they didn’t miss this time, but someone may thought like this: l am waiting for the lower price and the believe the price will lower and lower. But according to the market rules, the price is the lowest, it’s can not more lower, so they regret to miss this chance.

the lowest price for PVC Hose raw materials

You can take the 2021 raw materials as an example, 2021 is also a year of raw material shocks, but even severe shocks, PVC tubing material also reach a low point in June/July.

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the lowest price for PVC Hose