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Today, l want to introduce one of the important parts of our order-PVC garden hose quality test.
You should be wondering what quality inspections we all perform, who does the inspections, and what processes are in place. Let me introduce your one by one.
Usually, we test the ID. OD. Weight. Shipping mark. Printing. The smoothness of the inner wall and others. Let’s take the PVC garden hose as an example.
First, our engineer will check with the works if this patch of the hose is in this order, then he will check the total quantity, then begin randomly checking according to a testing order.
Then, he will pass this information to the corresponding person in charge in time, and the person in charge will send these pictures to the customer in time for the customer’s checking. If there is no problem after the customer agrees, we will arrange the loading, and special person will be responsible for this part. Because some special tubes are made manually by us, without the precision of the machine, there will be some errors. We will explain to the customer before production, and the customer understands us very well. As long as the error is within a reasonable range, it is allowed. If there is a big error, we will give feedback to the customer in time to discuss the solution. Followings are some pictures to show.

  1. ID: check the inner diameter
check the pvc garden hose inner diameter
  1. Section: check the layers
check the garden hose layers
  1. Thickness: should be the same as the PI
should be same as the PI

The above is the complete content of the PVC garden hose Quality test. If you need to purchase a garden tube, can contact us for an inquiry.