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PVC hose is a very common pipe in daily life. It has the characteristics of soft, light weight, good feel, colorless and smooth, etc. At present, it is widely used in life and industry. The market has a lot of demand.

Brief description of the production process of PVC hose:

PVC Hose
PVC Hose

Step one: Knead ingredients
Before the production of PVC hose pipes, all kinds of raw materials should be accurately weighed and put into the kneading machine in a certain sequence. The feeding sequence is: PVC resin, plasticizer, stabilizer and lubricant. When the temperature reaches 100~ 110℃, the material can be discharged.
Step two: Extrude granulation
This process to control the temperature, the material temperature to the high point should be controlled at higher than the melting temperature of the material, lower than the extrusion molding temperature, that is, between 155~160℃. The purpose of granulation is to achieve full mixing and initial plasticizing. The temperature of each area of the granulator is as follows, 80~90℃ in one area; 130~140℃ in Zone 2; The third zone 140~150℃; The nose is 150~160℃.
Step three: extruded tube forming
The temperature of extrusion molding should be slightly higher. Generally speaking, the transparency of the pipe is related to the molding temperature. In a certain temperature range, high temperature transparency is good, and vice versa. At the same time, traction speed and cooling speed will affect the transparency of the pipe. The traction speed is slightly larger, the cooling speed is fast, the transparency of the pipe is better, and the traction speed is generally 10%~ 15% faster than the extrusion speed. After forming, the PVC hose needs to be cooled. It will be sprayed with cold water at the die of the head first, and then entered the water tank for cooling and forming.

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