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There are many kinds of PVC hoses. Today we mainly explain the different parameters of PVC fiber reinforced hose and PVC steel wire hose:

  1. PVC fiber reinforced hose:
    There are many categories of this PVC plastic hose, such as PVC car washing pipe, PVC garden pipe, PVC gas pipe, oxygen acetylene pipe and so on are belonging to this PVC hose, the PVC fiber reinforced hose parameters are what. Basically there are inner diameter, outer diameter, working pressure, bursting pressure, the number of meters per piece, appearance color of these several. On the pressure, there are three rubber lines, two rubber lines, three rubber lines and so on.
  2. steel wire reinforced PVC flexible pipe:
    The parameters of PVC wire pipe are similar to the above, but there is no concern about the pressure, because the use of PVC wire pipe is mostly in the place of negative pressure, so the pressure at work is generally very low. But the difference is that PVC steel wire pipe is also divided into low temperature resistance and high temperature resistance, according to the literal meaning of the use of the place.
PVC steel wire hose
PVC steel wire hose

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