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A soaker hose is a type of hose used to irrigate plants. It consists of a series of small holes or nozzles that are evenly distributed throughout the length of the hose.

How a soaker hose works

Soaker Hose is a rubber or plastic hose with tiny holes, and its working principle is based on water seepage technology. As water passes through the Soaker Hose, the microscopic holes release water along the entire length of the hose, creating an even drip effect. This design ensures that water penetrates directly into the soil, reducing the risk of evaporation and weathering, resulting in efficient infiltration irrigation.

Soaker Hose Advantages

  1. Irrigation method is more water efficient.
  2. Helps prevent plant root rot.
  3. Helps reduce weed growth.
  4. are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. They are usually made of rubber, plastic or hose material. Soaker hoses can be used to irrigate all types of plants, including lawns, gardens, vegetables and fruits.

Factors to consider when selecting a soaker hose

Application requirements: The soaker hose must meet the specific requirements of the application, such as water flow rate, water pressure and length.
Size: The soaker hose must be the right size for the application.
Connection: The soaker hose must have a suitable connection to a faucet or other water source.
Price: The price of a soaker hose varies depending on the type, size and connection.

Soaker hose application

Tips for using a soaker hose

1. Lay the hose around the roots of the plant to ensure that the water is distributed evenly.
2. Leave some space on the hose so that water can flow.
3. If the hose is longer than 20 meters, you will need to use a regulator to control the water flow.
4. Before using a soaker hose, read the instruction manual for more information on safety and usage instructions.


The above is about “how soaker hose works” hope it is helpful to you. Soaker hoses are a water-efficient and effective method of irrigation. They are suitable for all types of plants and applications. When selecting a soaker hose, factors such as application requirements, size, connection options, and price should be considered.