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Greening can bring beauty to people, provide fresh air, absorb carbon dioxide to produce oxygen, watering is an important link in the management of landscaping plants, but also the key to the success of protection. The most common way to water a garden is with a Garden Hose. What is a garden hose used for?

Garden hose, also known as fiber reinforced garden hose, pipe specifications for 4 and 6 points, inside and outside the layer is made of high-quality PVC material. The tube specification has 4 and 6 points. The inner and outer layers are made of high-quality PVC material, the inner layer is generally black, and the outer layer is generally green. Light – proof, prevent the breeding of organic fungi. The inner and outer layers are tightly bonded with the mesh reinforcing wire in the middle. The appearance of the finished product is bright color, beautiful, soft texture, is the family, factory, garden greening watering ideal supplies.

It can be used with quick connector and water gun. It is convenient to disassemble when irrigating flowers or washing vehicles, restaurant kitchens, toilets, roads, etc. The characteristics of garden water pipe is to change the traditional production mode, inner pipe and outer pipe coincidence, interaction, greatly improve the performance of the pipe. Finished product appearance bright and beautiful, soft texture, easy to collect. It is ideal for homes, factories and gardening.

garden hose
garden hose

Notes for the use of PVC garden hose

PVC garden pipes use plastic hoses within specified temperature and pressure ranges. When applying pressure, open/close any valve slowly to avoid shock pressure and damage to the hose. The hose will expand and contract slightly with the change of its internal pressure, please cut the hose to a slightly longer length than you need when using.

The PVC garden pipe used should be suitable for the fluid loaded. When unsure whether the PVC garden pipe used is suitable for a particular fluid, consult a professional.

1. Do not use non-food grade PVC garden pipes for producing or handling food products, serving drinking water, cooking or washing food. PVC garden pipe should be used above the small bend radius of its tool. When PVC garden pipe is used in powder and particle, please enlarge its bending radius as much as possible to reduce the possible wear on PVC garden pipe.

2.Do not use the tool when it is bent near metal parts. Do not put PVC garden pipe in direct contact with or near an open flame. Do not use vehicles or other rolled PVC garden pipe.

3.· When cutting steel wire reinforced PVC garden pipe and fiber steel wire composite reinforced PVC garden pipe, the exposed steel wire will cause harm to people, so please pay special attention.

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