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As an important piping material in modern industry and life, PVC high pressure spray hose is widely used in various fields. In this article, we will discuss the features and uses of PVC high-pressure spray hose in depth, to explain its importance and value in different scenarios.

The characteristics of PVC high pressure spray hose

  1. Ultraviolet ray resistant, frost resistant.
  2. The hose is odorless, anti-skew, and will not be knotted in use.
  3. Resistant to high pressure and abrasion.
  4. Durable, high folding resistance.
  5. Lightweight
  6. Low price, cost-effective
PVC high pressure spray hose with fitting

PVC high-pressure spray hose spray hose use

Agricultural sprinkler irrigation system: commonly used in agricultural sprinkler irrigation system, conveying water to the sprinkler irrigation equipment, to meet the water demand of crop growth.
Greenhouse Spraying System: In greenhouse planting, it can be used to build a spraying system to realize the regulation of air humidity and temperature inside the greenhouse, providing a good growing environment for plants.
Agricultural plant protection spraying: High-pressure sprayers used for plant protection spraying in agricultural fields require a reliable hose delivery system.
Urban environment greening: In urban environment greening project, widely used in water spray irrigation and lawn maintenance.
Industrial Paint Spraying and Coating: In industrial production, it can be used to convey various liquid materials, such as paints and coatings, for spraying and coating process.
Construction Gas Transportation: It is suitable for the transportation of high pressure air supporting various pneumatic wind tools, such as air compressor/gas sanding sander/air drill/air planer and other kinds of pneumatic tools, air hose for engineering blasting in the construction industry/air hose air belt for hull sanding in shipbuilding factories.

high pressure washer application

The purchase guide

When buying PVC high pressure spray hose, the following points should be noted:
Working pressure: according to the actual application needs to choose the appropriate working pressure range of the hose.
Inner diameter: according to the spray volume needs to choose the right size of the inner diameter.
Material: according to the nature of the spray medium choose the right type of PVC material.
Length: choose the appropriate length of hose according to the use of the scene.
Brand: Choose a reputable brand to ensure product quality.


In sum, PVC high-pressure spray hose is a widely used hose with good performance and price advantages. When purchasing and using, you should pay attention to related matters to ensure safe and efficient use.