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Today, I will explain to you what are the characteristics and application range of PVC suction hose?

The unique structural design makes it have good mechanical properties, and the continuous spiral high-strength anti-wear plastic reinforcement enhances the wear resistance and pressure resistance of the hose, and the hose can maintain good flexibility even in extremely low temperature environments . It can be bent at will, convenient for packaging and transportation, light in weight, small in floor space, and saves transportation costs.

Application range of PVC Suction Hose

Due to the wear resistance of plastic reinforced hose, it is mainly used for suction and transmission of ceramic industry, road surface shot blasting machine equipment, shavings, wood chips, and abrasive materials. Plastic hoses, shot blasting machine hoses, PU plastic-reinforced wear-resistant hoses, and plastic-reinforced hoses can meet the requirements of high wear resistance, high firmness and high flexibility.

The inner wall of the plastic rib wear-resistant conveying hose is smooth, the tube wall is transparent, and the outer wall has wrapped plastic rib protrusions. Plastic ribs can not only play a good role in support and pressure resistance, but also protect the hose. When the hose is in use or moves back and forth, it can protect the hose from being rubbed by the ground and increase the service life of the hose.