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Greenhouse micro-spray is the use of pump pressure or poor irrigation water through the sprinkler system to the field, through the nozzle evenly sprayed on the farmland, for the normal growth of crops to supply water an irrigation method. Sprinkler irrigation techniques are the main situation of water-saving irrigation and fertilization for large area mechanized decision field crops, lawns, vegetables and economic forests.

With the rapid advancement of scientific techniques and irrigation and fertilization equipment, sprinkler irrigation techniques have been a set of irrigation, fertilization and active management and one of the modern agricultural production techniques system.

The sprinkler system has many situations, and there are different classifications based on the different classification methods. If the main part of the sprinkler system is classified according to the degree to which it can be moved during the irrigation season, it can be divided into fixed sprinkler systems, mobile sprinkler systems and semi-fixed sprinkler systems.

Acceptance criteria for irrigation works :

(1) The irrigation system is in normal operation after the expiry of the lack of responsibility period, with no running, bubbling, dripping or leaking.

(2) Normal plant growth, no uneven drought or flooding.

(3) The pipes are not lost, damaged or blocked.

(4) No settlement or sinking of the topsoil in which the whole system is buried.

The concealed works of micro-spraying of greenhouses shall be inspected during construction and the next process shall be carried out only after passing.
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