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PVC high pressure spray hose for appearance design before printing should pay attention to the following matters.

First, the text and lines in the finer part, in order to avoid inaccurate multi-color overprinting, can be designed as a single package. Especially for the width of the fine lines design, in order to avoid printing the finished word, to width can not be less than 0.1mm.

Secondly, in the printing of anti-white text, early look at the font preview. If the PVC plastic hose body needs to be printed on the font is small, to use a single color. Round head body, black body PVC, PVC plastic hose printing should pay attention to what the line body is a better choice.

PVC High Pressure Spray Hose
PVC High Pressure Spray Hose

Many customers want to print on the tube, we can meet the requirements of our customers, we have a variety of printing methods, we can provide customers because our production is a production line, so we need customers to provide us with printing as soon as possible, we can seize the time to produce.

Orientflex is a PVC&Rubber hose manufacture in China for 15 years with ISO certification. We can provide all kinds of PVC&Rubber hose. You can tell us if you have any needs, we can provide a lot of help to solve your problems and provide you with good solutions, in addition, we can provide free samples, there are many customers who have no confidence in us at first, but after receiving our samples, they like them so much that they keep insisting on placing orders with us and like us very much.