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The main component is polyvinyl chloride, bright color, corrosion resistance, solid and durable, due to the manufacturing process to increase the plasticize, anti-aging agent and some other toxic auxiliary materials to enhance its heat resistance, toughness, ductility, etc., so its products are generally not stored in food and medicine.

If there are special physical requirements, you can also increase the amount of modifiers. But never add plasticize has good tensile and compressive strength, but its flexibility is not as good as other plastic pipes, excellent corrosion resistance, the price is cheaper in all kinds of plastic pipes, but the low temperature is more brittle bonding, socket rubber ring connection, flange threaded connection for residential life, industry, mining, agriculture, water supply and drainage, irrigation, gas supply, exhaust pipe, electrical conduit, rainwater pipes, industrial anti-corrosion pipe, etc.Outstanding heat resistance, heat deflection temperature of 100 ℃, excellent chemical resistance bonding, flange thread connection hot water pipe.

PVC High Pressure Spray Hose
PVC High Pressure Spray Hose

Hoses of different materials

PE pipe: the main raw material is polyethylene. Its performance light weight, good toughness, better low temperature resistance, non-toxic, cheaper, high impact strength, but lower compressive and tensile strength hot-solution welding, flange threaded connection drinking water pipes, rainwater pipes, gas pipes, industrial corrosion-resistant pipes.

PP pipe: good corrosion resistance, with good strength, high surface hardness, surface finish, with some high temperature resistance thermal solution welding, flange threaded connection chemical sewage, seawater, oil and irrigation pipes, used for indoor concrete flooring for heating pipes of heating systems.

So after comparison, PVC high pressure spray hose is more suitable for our agricultural development.