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The dosing hose is one of the indispensable PVC high-pressure hoses in the planting industry. PVC high-pressure spray hose his strong resistance to drugs, soft and lightweight, high pressure resistance, making him loved by the majority of fruit farmers, so there are several types of spray hose? How to choose?

First of all, we need to understand our drug equipment, that is, we usually say the power of the drug pump is how big, if the requirements are not high, the spray and head is not high in this case we can just buy cluck, the requirements are not high, as long as the spray tube can meet, there is no selection of tangled problems, but if the need for pressure is more power then we should pay attention to it.

A.Three-layer structure, woven structure is basically no more, more for the full woven process of the spray tube, It is characterized by the entire inner tube outside the woven yarn, greatly enhancing the pressure of the hose.

B.Five-layer structure, it is divided into five-layer structure, three layers of rubber two layers of yarn combined with the production of

C. PE material to beat the medicine tube, this structure is a single, mostly used for fixed more, mobile convenience is not high, well pressurized.