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Summer is just around the corner and we need to get ready for our plants to start irrigating. The PVC Lay flat hose can be described as essential. Next, ORIENTFLEX starts sharing with you.

The Preparation of PVC lay flat hose:

This is where you may find the need to invest in or replace your current low flat hose for reliable and consistent irrigation. Our Lay flat hoses are on hand to provide you with that essential liquid transportation through the toughest conditions.

What is a Lay flat Hose?

A layflat hose is a reinforced PVC hose which can collapse upon itself for storage purposes. These types of hoses are primarily used for irrigation and water supply. However, they are also popular among industries such as construction engineering for their flexible, hard wearing and lightweight properties.

There are two main types of lay flat hose: the heavy duty layflat hose and the medium duty layflat hose. As their names suggest, the heavy duty lay flat hose is specially adapted to withstand the stresses of demanding use, while the medium duty lay flat hose is the perfect tool for less challenging work.


We’re proud to offer you some of the strongest and most reliable lay flat hoses in the industry to bring consistency to your irrigation.

PVC layflat hose


Made from PVC, Our lay flat hoses are incredibly flexible and kink-resistant, enabling them to be easily compressed when not in use. This also makes them ideal for storage and transportation, as well as very user-friendly too.


A combination of woven yarn reinforcements and an inseparably fused inner and outer wall makes these hoses incredibly resistant to the majority of oxidising and reducing agents, as well as diluted acids and alkalis. Their strength and durability deters rotting and also prevents abrasion, ensuring your lay flat hose enjoys the longest possible lifespan.

pvc layflat hose


Despite our lay flat hoses offering unrivalled strength and durability, their lightweight nature means that they’re incredibly easy to transport and use. Their collapsible design makes layout and rehoming a pain-free task, and combined with their excellent functionality, they continue to prove to be the ideal irrigation solution for a variety of industries including farming and construction.

Available in a variety of densities, length sizes, our layflat hoses combine excellent quality with a budget –friendly price tag to suit every industry requirement. If you need ,contact us at any name.