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This batch of PVC hose tested today is exported to Russia, this is the customer we much familiar with each other, our manager has been working in our company for 10 years, this customer is her old customer, this customer has been working with our company for 8 years, come to our company and factory visit, our manager and boss will visit him every time when they go to Russia, this customer has three orders every year.

All of them are during our PK period, May, August and November. The customer knows our company very well and takes the initiative to find us to place orders during each PK period. The customer has five hardware stores and buys fittings in addition to hose from us. This time the customer wanted PVC steel wire hose, PVC fiber hose and PVC reinforced hose. There are three different sizes of each, and the three come together to make a whole container. We took sets and other ways to save space for the customer, and loaded as much as possible to the container.

The report:

1 fiber tube production is not yet complete

2 packaging mark in line with the contract requirements
PVC hose test
According to customer requirements, carry out pvc hose test

3 strictly in accordance with the contract requirements size, color production, to ensure that the color does not differ, to ensure that the weight and pressure

Guaranteed pvc hose weight test