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The inspection we share with you today, it exports to Ecuador, although Ecuador is not a particularly large country, but we work with them very smoothly, our company is very popular in South America, the South American market is a very important market for us, we have a wealth of experience, very familiar with the local market, and understand the different needs of each country, even more familiar than the customer in the local market.

This time the customer purchased PVCfiber hose, in orange color, different sizes, a total of 1000 rolls, the customer will sold in their town, the customer has a hardware store that does tools, their local demand for this kind of PVC fibre hose is getting bigger and bigger, so he seized this opportunity and started to buy our PVC fibre hose, the customer trusts us very much, did not look at our samples, after communication, directly placed an order, we also very impressed and very serious to customer service. This time the test is in production, we will not only test after the production is finished, we also test in production in time, send photos and videos to the customer in time to update him about the order.

Some test report:

1 Just started to produce one shift, producing 12 mm orange PVC fiber hoses
12 mm orange PVC fiber hoses

2 Packing mark in accordance with the contract requirements

3 Strictly in accordance with the contract requirements size, color production, to ensure that the color is no color difference

Some pictures:
ensure that the pvc fibre hose color
Strictly in accordance with the PVC hose contract requirements size