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Today’s test, is PVC Suction Hose, the customer is our old customer, the customer is a Foods production factory, with PVC Smooth Suction Hose to transport the wastewater in the workshop, because the workshop is clean and tidy, the customer is also very high requirements for the colour and performance of the PVC Smooth Suction Hose, the customer this time to buy the PVC Orange Smooth Suction Hose, he previously bought our white, green, yellow, brown, blue, this is six times to buy from us, also sixth year of our cooperation.

The customer is a very customer-oriented boss, they also send their production videos to the customer, the workshop is cleaned every day and there is a dedicated area. He agrees with our philosophy very much and we all do our best to serve our customers and to put their minds at ease and make them happy.

In 2019, the customer has visited our office and workshop, the customer likes China very much, the relationship between us and the customer is particularly good, although there is only one order per year and the order quantity is not very large, but he continue to give us orders every year, our previous relationship with the customer is maintained particularly well, we are also very touched to have such a supportive customer. We are very impressed to have such a supportive customer. Every time we work with him, we are very happy.

Some test pictures about the PVC Orange Smooth Suction pipe.
PVC Orange Smooth Suction Hose
PVC Orange Smooth Suction Hose quality test