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PVC Hoses products should choose a method of storage and placement that does not accept excessive stress, elongation or deformation, and avoid touching with sharp objects or the ground. As long as possible, to use the storage rack is to store hose products.

Coiled PVC hose assemblies should be stored flat, not stacked. PVC hose and PVC hose assemblies supplied in a straightened state should be stored flat and not bent. Large diameter PVC hoses used in the oil industry should be fitted on the ends.

Animal gnawing: PVC hoses products should be secured from damage by rodents, and if there is a risk of this, appropriate protection should be provided for the product.

pvc garden hose
pvc garden hose

Out of storage: care should be taken to ensure that the PVC hose products out of storage are in the exact storage conditions into the storage and consistent with their intended use. Thus, the logo of the different types of hose products in stock is very important. On non-permanent fittings of PVC hoses assemblies.

Return to storage: Once the applied PVC hoses assemblies are returned to storage, the material delivered is emptied. On those used to transport chemicals, flammable or corrosive materials hose more attention.