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Many customers buy PVC hose that will be used in agriculture and are worried that our pipes will be affected in some way and will pollute the environment etc.

It is understood that the industrial sector is very polluting, so for some of the large equipment used in the industrial sector as well as small materials, they are noticed by the majority of users. The use of materials will not have an impact on pollution, depending on many factors, such as raw materials.

Now the anti-static hose used by the raw materials are relatively healthy and environmentally friendly, including PVC hose, TPE, PUR, VITON, silicone rubber, glass wool and so on.

Of course, do not exclude the material after heating, will not produce chemical changes, thus causing environmental pollution. This is why anti-static hoses are subject to certain regulations regarding the use of temperature.

If the temperature control between minus 20 to minus 90 degrees Celsius, this is the normal temperature range, can use the material for a long time. But if the temperature reaches minus 120 degrees Celsius, it can not be used for a long time, it may be burnt and cracked, burnt phenomenon.

When choosing materials, users should also consider the price and use the high price as a basis for judgement. If the price is too low, the raw materials used may not necessarily be of good quality. It is advisable to choose cost-effective, strictly in accordance with the rules of procurement.

PVC hose, used in the industrial sector is very common, if it is purchased in strict accordance with the parameters, the use of the material within the prescribed temperature range, it is believed that no pollution of the environment will be produced by the gas or liquid. Ensure safe and normal use and increase the use rate.