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Now the PVC high-pressure spray hose is becoming more and more popular, also to the season of spraying pesticides, many customers are looking for us to order PVC high-pressure spray hose, but many people said that the PVC high-pressure spray hose they picked up before has a lot of problems, in addition to the poor quality of the product, they also have some problems with the use of the method, this article we come to teach you how to use the spraying tube correctly.

PVC high-pressure spray hose in use to be noted

  1. Do not crush PVC transparent hose with vehicles etc.
  2. Do not put the PVC transparent hose in direct contact with or near an open flame.
  3. In the vicinity of metal parts, please do not use in the extreme bending state.
  4. When cutting steel wire reinforced hose and fiber steel wire composite reinforced hose, its exposed steel wire will cause injury to people, please pay special attention.
  5. Be sure to use the plastic hose in the specified temperature and pressure range.When applying pressure, please open/close any valve slowly to avoid forming impact pressure and damaging the hose. The hose will expand and contract slightly with the change of its internal pressure, please cut the hose to a slightly longer length than you need when using it.