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Transparent PVC hose is a kind of hose made of polyvinyl chloride with good transparency, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance and flexibility. It is widely used in industry, agriculture, medical treatment, construction and other fields, and is ideal for liquid and gas transportation. In this article, we will introduce you the features, advantages and wide application scenarios of transparent PVC hose, so that you can fully understand and make full use of this versatile pipe.

PVC Clear Hose Advantages

Tear-resistant: this hose is made of PVC, which is treated with a special process to make it resistant to tearing.
Squeeze: The inner wall of the hose is smooth, not easy to accumulate substances, and when squeezed, it can quickly return to its original shape without deformation.
No deformation: after long-term use, not only will it not be deformed, but it will also maintain its original transparency and elasticity.
No discoloration: after many times of use and cleaning, the color of the hose is still clear and bright, without discoloration.

pvc clear hose

Widely used scenes of transparent PVC hose

The versatility of transparent PVC hose makes it widely used in various fields, mainly including but not limited to the following aspects:
Industrial field: Used for fluid transmission, gas transportation, chemical material transportation in factory production line, such as petrochemical, pharmaceutical, electronic and other industries.
Agricultural field: used for farmland irrigation, fruit and vegetable sprinkler irrigation, crop fertilization, etc. It has good abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance, and is suitable for a variety of agricultural environments.
Family field: used in family aquariums, watering sprinkler, car washing and cleaning and other daily life water scenes, safe and reliable, easy to use and maintain.
Medical field: used in medical equipment, drug delivery, medical wastewater treatment, etc. Part of the product meets the medical grade standard, safe and hygienic.
Food processing: used in food processing production line fluid transportation, raw material transportation, etc., in line with food safety standards, to protect product quality.

Selection of transparent PVC hose

When selecting transparent PVC hose, the following factors should be considered according to the usage requirements.
Pipe Diameter: Choose the right diameter hose to ensure that the medium can be transported smoothly.
Wall thickness: The thicker the wall, the higher the pressure resistance of the hose, but also more bulky.
Material: Choose the right material according to the nature of the medium to be conveyed.
Hardness: Choose the appropriate hardness according to the use environment.
Brand: Choose a reputable brand to ensure product quality.

PVC Clear Hose
PVC Clear Hose

Precautions for the use of transparent PVC hose

Use temperature: The use temperature range of transparent PVC hose is generally -10℃~60℃.
Use pressure: Do not exceed the rated working pressure of the hose.
Medium: Avoid conveying medium that is incompatible with PVC material.
Installation: Follow the instructions to avoid damaging the hose.
Maintenance: Check the hose regularly for damage and replace it in time.


As a versatile and reliable piping material, clear PVC hose has a wide range of applications in industry, agriculture, household and other fields. When choosing and using, comprehensive consideration should be made according to the actual needs to ensure the safety and effect of use.

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