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A garden hose reel is a device for storing and rewinding garden hoses. It usually consists of a rotating drum with a spindle in the center. The hose is attached to the spindle and then wound around the drum. How to use a garden hose reel. In this guide, we will discuss in detail how to properly use a garden hose reel.

Part 1: Choosing and installing a garden hose reel

Two main types of garden hose reels:hand crank and automatic cranks
A hand crank hose reel requires the user to crank the handle in order to rewind the hose. This is the most common type of garden hose reel.
Automatic hose reels use a spring mechanism to rewind the hose. This type of hose reel is easier to use but also more expensive.
How to install garden hose reel
Installation location: choose a suitable location to install the reel, making sure it is close enough to the water source and garden plants to minimize the need to stretch the hose.
Installation process: Follow the installation instructions provided by the manufacturer to ensure that the reel is securely mounted on the wall or floor. Make sure the hose can be smoothly attached to the reel.

Part 2: How to use garden hose reel

To use a garden hose reel, simply attach the hose to the shaft and wind it around the drum. Once the hose is wound, you can secure it in place with a latch or strap. To use the hose, simply loosen the hose and pull it to the desired length. After using the hose, simply turn on the water and allow the pressure to rewind the hose onto the reel. Specific operation steps:

Steps on how to use the manual reel

  • 1.Connect the hose to the hose fitting on the reel.
  • 2.Wrap the hose around the reel, taking care not to tangle it.
  • 3.Secure the hose in place with the latch on the reel.
  • 4.Position the reel where you want it.

Steps for using the automatic reel

  • 1. Connect the hose to the hose fitting on the reel.
  • 2. Wrap the hose around the reel, being careful not to tangle it.
  • 3. Place the reel in your desired position.
  • 4. Turn on the faucet and let the water flow through the hose.
  • 5. The hose will automatically rewind onto the reel.
legacy garden hose reel

Part 3: Care and Maintenance

Clean the reel regularly. Cleaning the reel will help prevent dirt and debris buildup.
Check the screws and nuts on the reel. If the screws and nuts are loose, tighten them.
Check the hose connector on the reel. If the hose connector is damaged, replace it.
Avoid overstretching: Do not overstretch the hose as this may cause it to wear out and leak. When using reels, make sure they are close enough to the water source and spray nozzle.

Part 4: Recommendations for Safe Use

Avoid twisting and slipping: When rolling up the hose, be careful not to trip over the hose to avoid accidental injury.
Control Water Pressure: Gradually increase water pressure before activating the nozzle to avoid sudden jet power, especially if the nozzle has not been used for a long period of time.
Avoid the sun: prolonged exposure to the sun may damage the materials of the hose and reel, especially the plastic parts.


I hope this text has helped you understand how to use a garden hose reel. If you have garden hoses, I recommend using a garden hose cart to store and wind them up. This will make your life much easier!