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If your expanding garden hose is leaking or has a tear, you can follow these steps to repair it:

1.Turn off the water supply and drain the hose completely.
2.Cut out the damaged section of the hose using a sharp knife or scissors.
3.Insert a hose repair coupling into one end of the hose. Make sure the coupling is the same size as the diameter of your hose.
4.Tighten the coupling with a hose clamp using a screwdriver.
5.Repeat the same process on the other end of the hose.
Test the hose by turning the water supply back on and checking for any leaks.

If the problem is not a leak or tear, but rather the hose is not expanding as it should, here are a few things you can try repair expanding garden hose:
Check the water pressure: Make sure the water pressure is not too high as this can cause the hose to burst. Try reducing the water pressure.
Check the hose for kinks: If the hose is kinked, this can prevent it from expanding properly. Straighten any kinks in the hose.
Check the connections: Ensure that the connections between the hose and the spigot or nozzle are tight and not leaking.
If these steps do not solve the problem, it may be time to replace the hose.