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PVC steel wire hose is a large part of the current production and manufacturing. Many industrial production can not do without this product. Perhaps many friends are not familiar with products made of this material. So today I give friends a comprehensive introduction, what is PVC steel wire pipe? How to distinguish between true and false PVC steel wire pipe a series of questions.

What is PVC steel wire hose?

PVC steel wire hose is a kind of PVC steel wire reinforced pipe that we often say. Its pipe is mainly divided into three layers, the inner and outer layers are mainly PVC soft plastic, the middle layer is steel wire reinforced structure, or steel wire mesh or spiral steel wire. So it forms a pipe with several names: PVC steel wire pipe, PVC steel wire reinforced pipe, PVC steel wire spiral reinforced pipe, PVC steel wire mesh reinforced hose, PVC steel wire mesh hose. It is a modified or reinforced polyvinyl chloride pipe whose strength, deformation resistance and quality are changed due to the increase of the internal reinforced steel wire layer.

PVC Steel Wire Hoses

How to identify the authenticity of PVC steel wire hose?

Observe whether the pipe lumen is regular, and whether the wall thickness is uniform.

Is the inner lumen and outer edge of good quality PVC wire pipe standard round? The circular pipe wall is evenly distributed. Is the inner diameter of 89mm? For example, PVC conduit pipe with a wall thickness of 7mm? Poor quality pipe wall thickness up to 7.5mm? thin only 5.5mm, working pressure, easy to make the pipe wall force is not equal to lead to PVC steel wire pipe burst or deformation, affecting normal use.

Observe whether there are bubbles or other visible objects on the wall of the PVC steel wire pipe, whether colorless or transparent.

High-quality PVC steel wire pipe wall crystal clear, without any impurities. However, there are defects in the color of PVC steel wire pipe is yellow, may be improperly handled in the production process, decomposition, aging or long-term storage caused by improper.

Determining if a hose has a smell

High-quality PVC steel pipe in addition to a little plastic flavor, no petrochemical odor. Poor quality steel pipe has a pungent diesel flavor, in the hot summer, people can not stand it.

Judgement of hose inside and outside the wall

High-quality PVC steel wire pipe inside and outside the wall is smooth and feels good, poor-quality pipe is rough.

Judgement of hose wall thickness

The measurement of wall thickness should be truncated at both ends of the PVC steel wire pipe to carry out the part, select an intermediate tube as a research sample analysis test, to prevent the enterprise part through the unscrupulous manufacturers in the tube at both ends of the article, the actual wall thickness of thin at both ends of the tube.

Determine the steel wire in the tube

At both ends of the PVC steel wire pipe cut a few centimeters long steel wire, the steel wire repeatedly folded.

steel wire reinforced pvc hose
steel wire reinforced pvc hose


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