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PVC steel wire reinforced hose is a kind of transportation pipe widely used in industry, agriculture, construction and other fields. In order to meet the operational needs of various industries, the demand for steel wire hose is increasing. So how to judge the quality of PVC enhanced hose?

pvc steel wire hose application

PVC steel wire reinforced hose quality of 6 key indicators

1, observe whether the lumen is regular and the thickness is uniform. Excellent/quality PVC enhancement hose inner wall and edge of the standard round, annular tube wall distribution is uniform. To the inner diameter of 89mm, thickness of 7mm PVC steel wire pipe as an example: poor quality pipe wall to the thickness of up to 7.5mm to the thinness of only 5.5mm, working under greater pressure, the wall stress is not uniformly easy to lead to PVC steel wire pipe burst or deformation, affecting the normal use of.

2, observe the PVC reinforced hose wall whether there are bubbles or the naked eye’s visible matter is colorless and transparent. Excellent/quality PVC steel wire pipe wall crystal clear, no impurities. However, due to improper handling, decomposition, aging, or long-term improper storage, the color of substandard PVC reinforced hose turns yellow.

3, in addition to a small amount of plastic odor, superior / quality PVC reinforced hose with no other petrochemical product odor. Inferior quality steel wire hose has a pungent diesel odor, especially in the hot summer.

4, high-quality PVC reinforced hose inside and outside the pipe wall is smooth, and feels good, while the low-quality pipe wall is rough.

5, when measuring the thickness, cut off the parts on both sides of the PVC reinforced hose, choose the middle tube as a sample test, to avoid some illegal manufacturers working hard at both ends of the pipe, the actual wall thickness on both sides of the pipe.

6, cut off a few centimeters of steel wire on both sides of the PVC reinforced hose, repeatedly folded steel wire, check the strength and toughness of the steel wire. Inferior quality steel wire will break after folding once or twice, and superior/quality PVC steel wire pipe steel wire needs a special tool to break. The quality of the steel wire determines the quality of the whole pipe. pvc reinforced hose is prone to irreversible deformation due to the quality of the steel wire.

Precautions for choosing PVC steel wire reinforced hose.
Choose the right type of hose according to the application requirements: PVC steel wire reinforced hose can be divided into ordinary type, high temperature resistant type, corrosion resistant type and other types. Choosing the right type of hose can extend its service life.
Choose a reputable hose manufacturer: The quality of hose is closely related to the production process. Choosing a reputable hose manufacturer can ensure the quality of the product.
Ask for the relevant quality inspection report: Before purchasing the hose, you should ask for the relevant quality inspection report from the manufacturer to ensure that the product meets the national standards or industry standards.

steel wire reinforced pvc hose
steel wire reinforced PVC hose


Choosing a high-quality PVC steel wire reinforced hose is essential to ensure the safety and reliability of the conveyor system. This article describes a few key indicators for determining the quality of PVC wire reinforced hose that can help you choose the best hose for your application.