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In our life, we often use PVC hose that are PVC water pipes. PVC hoses can be used in many fields. But every time it won’t take long to break, because we will not distinguish, bought poor PVC pipe, today Xiaobian to teach you how to distinguish good or bad PVC hose.

PVC hose Products can be customized according to a variety of sizes and colors, with soft, wear resistance, acid resistance, cold resistance, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance and excellent flame retardant and electrical insulation, the use of temperature in -30℃+105℃, application range is very wide.

Teach you four ways to identify PVC hose

First: Quantity

  1. Measure the wall thickness
    To see whether the specified wall thickness is reached, it is also worth noting that some pipes are suction pipes, and the wall thickness at both ends meets the requirements, but the middle wall thickness is thinner, which does not meet the use requirements. At the same time, the cost can be reduced by means of evacuation.

Two: Measuring length

  • 1.see
  • If the specified length is reached, some manufacturers reduce the price by shortening the length. Negative deviation is not allowed according to GB/T10002.1-2006.
  • 2.look:
    look at gloss: good surface gloss looks very oily belong to high-quality products.
    Look at the color: the standard PVC-U pipe is light beige. If the pipe is pale, it means that the calcium powder is added too much.

Three: Class
Weighing: Compare the weight of two pipes of the same caliber, wall thickness and length. The one with high weight has too much calcium powder and impurities, and the material is not pure, which cannot meet the requirements.

Four, Fall
Conditions can be used to step on the edge of the pipe, see if it can be easily crushed, take PVC pipe to the ground, if the broken pipe is a “high calcium tablet”, some manufacturers in order to save costs, improve profits, in the pipe production with excessive calcium powder, such a cheap pipe price, but its hardness for a lot of decline, fragile, for unqualified products.

PVC garden hoses
PVC garden hoses

How to judge the good or bad of PVC hose, today for you to introduce here, more about PVC garden hose, please continue to pay attention to this website.