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PVC reinforced hose is an inseparable product in our life. There are many types of PVC hoses. Among them, products using our powdered nitrile rubber P8300 include PVC high-pressure air hoses, high-pressure oxygen hoses, and household/industrial natural gas hoses,liquefied gas pipes, gas pipes, high-pressure PVC agricultural spray pipes, high-pressure diving pipes, colored soft high-pressure gas hoses, automotive high-temperature-resistant oil pipes, and fire hoses, etc.

Basic performance of PVC reinforced hose

High pressure resistance, aging resistance, wear resistance, soft and tough, anti-drag, anti-vibration, cold resistance, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, flame retardant, the product does not soften when heated, light and durable, etc.

However, the PVC reinforced hoses produced by most manufacturers can’t meet these basic properties at all. Instead, there will be various problems, such as the oven can’t withstand high temperature and burst, the oven’s tensile test is not enough, etc. Of course, in addition to the production process, temperature control, Extrusion speed, etc., the more important thing is to choose the right raw material.

PVC fiber hose
PVC fiber hose

The main material for the production of PVC reinforced hose is polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resin. PVC itself has no elastic and flexible chain structure, so its low temperature resistance is poor. Powdered nitrile rubber NBR-P8300, as an elastomer, has a high degree of compatibility with PVC, and forms an “island” structure when blended with PVC. This uniform mixing system can effectively improve the flexibility of PVC, and its low temperature resistance can be improved. Effective improvement, due to its fine particles, good dispersion and fluidity, soft spots of rubber particles and elastomers are uniformly distributed in the mixed material, thereby reducing the wear and tear of PVC soft products.

The use of powdered nitrile rubber P8300 is also of great help to the durability of the plasticizer. Most of the plasticizers used in soft PVC are low-molecular substances, and the products are prone to oil spraying, spraying boxes, and spattering during use. And other problems, adding PNBR can increase the resilience of the product, reduce the amount of plasticizer used, and at the same time reduce the migration speed of the plasticizer due to the attraction of the plasticizer.

The above is about improving the resilience of PVC reinforced hose. If you find it useful, you can share it with your friends.