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PVC steel wire hose is a very common hose in our life, but in most cases, How to identify the advantages and disadvantages of PVC steel wire hose without any testing tools and testing conditions?We can roughly identify the quality of PVC steel pipe based on visual, olfactory, tactile and other sensory perceptions.

1. Thickness

Observe whether the pipe cavity is regular and the wall thickness is uniform. Good quality wire reinforced pvc hose cavity and outer edge of the standard round? The annular pipe wall is evenly distributed.

2. Performance

Observe whether there are bubbles or other things visible to the naked eye in the wall of the PVC steel wire hose, and whether it is colorless and transparent. High-quality PVC steel hose wall crystal clear, without any impurities. And inferior PVC steel hose color yellowing, may be in the production process due to improper handling of decomposition, aging or long-term improper storage.
PVC steel wire hose


High-quality wire reinforced pvc hose has no smell of any other petrochemical products except for a little plastic smell. And poor steel wire hose has an unpleasant pungent diesel smell, especially in the hot summer, people are unable to approach.


High-quality wire reinforced pvc hose inside and outside the wall are smooth, feel good, while low-quality pipe is rougher.

5. Test

When measuring the wall thickness, the two ends of the wire reinforced pvc hose should be cut off and the middle hose should be selected as the sample for testing.