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For the first time to buy a PVC steel wire hose, I don’t know how to distinguish it. Today, the garden hose manufacturer will answer for you how to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of PVC steel wire hose?

six ways to identify PVC steel wire hose

  1. Observe whether the lumen is regular.
    Whether the wall thickness is uniform. Good quality PVC steel wire hose inner cavity and outer edge are standard round? Annular walls are evenly distributed. With an inside diameter of 89mm? Take PVC steel wire pipe with a wall thickness of 7mm for example? Can poor quality pipe wall reach 7.5mm at its thickest point? Is it only 5.5mm at its thinnest point? Work under high pressure? It is easy to cause PVC steel wire pipe to burst or deformation due to uneven stress on the pipe wall. Normal use is affected.
  2. Observe whether there are bubbles or other visible objects on the wall of the PVC wire pipe?
    Whether it is colorless or transparent. High quality PVC wire pipe wall crystal clear? There are no impurities. And defective PVC steel wire pipe color yellow? Maybe decomposed or aged in the production process due to improper handling? Or long-term improper storage.
  3. high-quality PVC steel wire pipe in addition to a little plastic smell?
    No smell of any other petrochemical products. And the bad steel pipe has a pungent diesel smell? Especially on a hot summer day? People can’t even get close.
  4. High quality PVC steel wire pipe inside and outside the wall are smooth? Feel good? Lower quality tubes are rougher.
  5. When measuring wall thickness? Should both ends of PVC wire pipe be cut off? Select intermediate tube as sample test?
    Prevent some illegal manufacturers in the pipe at both ends of the article. The actual wall thickness is thinner at both ends of the tube.
  6. Cut a few centimeters of steel wire at both ends of the PVC steel wire pipe? Repeated folding of wire?
    Test the strength and toughness of steel wire. Poor quality wire will break after one or two folds? And high quality PVC wire pipe wire need special tools to cut. The quality of the wire determines the quality of the whole pipe. Right? PVC steel wire pipe with quality problem.