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Some customers want best garden hoses, and some customers want cheap garden hoses. Needs are different, and the quality of garden hose you want will vary. Today I will introduce a cost-effective expandable garden hoses to you.

Traditional plastic hoses are constantly knotted during use, and need to be combed and straightened repeatedly… Otherwise, the water flow will be blocked or stuck.

After the traditional plastic hose is connected to the faucet, the user needs to go back and forth between the water outlet and the faucet, which not only wastes a lot of time and energy, but also causes a waste of resources.

Due to the limited material of the traditional garden plastic hose, it cannot be quickly returned to its original shape after being squashed or bent, resulting in uneven water discharge and poor water flow.
OrientFlex, based on more than ten years of technical accumulation of new materials, has continuously explored and researched. After hundreds of days and nights, it has finally successfully developed the Expandable Garden Hose. The troublesome knotting problem has also filled the gap in the domestic high-end hose market.

1-Expandable Garden Hose
1-Expandable Garden Hose

Expandable Garden Hose is widely used in gardening companies, flower markets, real estate companies, villas, gifts, family flower washing and car washing, etc. It is multi-purpose.

The biggest features of Expandable Garden Hose:

1) Solve the problems of knotting and poor water flow due to material problems.
2) With its own water inlet and outlet accessories, the problem of turning on and off water in the last 50m can be solved by moving the faucet.
3) It adopts a four-layer polymer composite structure, which is strong in pressure resistance. It adopts anti-kink technology, which is smooth in water flow, easy to use, super elastic, tough, and has no memory.

OrientFlex has extensive experience in production. If you are looking for expandable garden hose, please contact us.