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When choosing the right garden hose, price is an important factor to consider in addition to quality and durability. There are some price differences between different brands and models of garden hoses. To help you choose the best garden hose for your needs, we will compare the prices of different brands and models of garden hoses.

Factors affecting the price of garden hoses

The price of garden hose is mainly affected by the following factors:
Material: the most common garden hose materials include rubber, PVC and TPU. rubber hose is the most durable and the most expensive; PVC hose is cheaper, but it is also easy to break; TPU hose combines the durability of rubber hose and the economy of PVC hose.
Length: Garden hoses are typically 15 feet (about 4.6 meters) to 100 feet (about 30.5 meters) long. The longer the length, the more expensive the hose.
Diameter: Garden hoses are typically 1/2 inch (about 1.27 cm) to 3/4 inch (about 1.91 cm) in diameter. The larger the diameter, the higher the flow rate of the hose and the higher the price.
Thickness: The thickness of a hose directly affects its durability and resistance to pressure. In general, thicker hoses cost more because they require more material to manufacture.
Functionality: Some garden hoses come with extra features such as retractable, kink-resistant, and adjustable nozzles. These features increase the price of the hose.
Brand and reputation: Different brands of hoses have different quality and reputation, some well-known brands tend to be more expensive while some unknown brands may be less expensive.

Price Comparison of Different Brands and Models of Garden Hoses

To facilitate your comparison, we will list the prices of some well-known brands and models of garden hoses:

Gilmour G100Rubber25ft5/8″$20HeaHeavy Duty, Kink Resistant
Gardena 8314-20PVC25ft5/8″$15Lightweight and economical
MelnorXTREMETPU50ft3/4″$35Telescopic, explosion proof
Dramm10025Rubber100ft3/4″$50Commercial grade, durable
CraftsmanCMSTSL100Rubber100ft5/8″$40Heavy Duty, Frostproof

How to choose the best garden hose for you

When choosing a garden hose, you need to consider the following factors:
Budget: garden hoses can cost anywhere from a dozen to several hundred dollars. Determining your budget can help you narrow down your choices.
Needs: How long of a hose do you need? How much flow do you need? What additional features do you need?
Environment: Where will you use the hose? You need to consider weather conditions and other factors.

Here are some suggestions for choosing a garden hose:

For small gardens, a 25-foot hose is usually sufficient.
If you need more flow, choose a hose with a larger diameter.
If you need a hose for harsh weather conditions, choose a hose that is freeze- or explosion-proof.
If you need a hose that is easy to carry, choose a retractable hose.


With the above price comparison and buying advice for different brands and models of garden hoses, we believe you can have a clearer understanding of how to choose the right hose for your garden. We hope the above information can help you choose the most suitable garden hose for you. If you want to buy Orientflex garden hose, please contact us for a free quote.

The above price is for reference only, the actual price may vary.