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Garden hoses are an essential tool used in many homes and businesses for watering and irrigation. When shopping for hose, you’ll find that there are many different garden hose materials to choose from. Different materials have different properties and uses, so choosing the right hose is critical to achieving ideal watering results.

1.PVC (polyvinyl chloride) material
PVC is just one of the most usual garden hose material on the market today. It has the benefits of agility, durability, wear resistance, UV resistance and affordable cost. PVC hose is generally more durable and does not twist or fold easily during use. However, PVC hoses are susceptible to sunlight and extreme temperatures, and may break or become brittle as a result. In addition, PVC hose is also easily damaged by UV light, so it is recommended to store the hose in a cool place when not in use to prolong the life of the hose.

2.Rubber material

Rubber hoses are generally more durable and durable than PVC hoses, can withstand higher water pressure, and are less prone to leaks. Rubber hoses are also more resistant to sunlight and heat than PVC hoses, so they are a longer-lived choice. However, rubber hoses are relatively bulky and not as easy to carry and store as PVC hoses. Also, rubber hoses are generally more expensive than PVC hoses, so you need to weigh cost and benefit when choosing.

PVC kintted garden hose

3.TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) material
TPU material is a new type of gardening water pipe material. It has the benefits of high toughness, excellent flexibility, use resistance, heat resistance, oil resistance and UV resistance. At the very same time, TPU material likewise has high plasticity, and can be made into different shapes of pipes by thermoforming and also other methods.

4.polyester fabric material

This material is typically used for durable, long-life hoses that use rubber or PVC for the inner layer. Polyester braided material hoses offer good durability and strength, while also being lighter and easier to carry than rubber hoses.

5.PE (polyethylene) material
PE material is a light, wear-resistant, high-temperature-resistant and UV-resistant gardening water pipe material. It has good flexibility as well as durability, as well as the price is relatively reduced, ideal for basic home gardening.

In other words, there are many kinds of products for gardening pipes, and also it is really essential to pick ideal materials according to different use requirements and also ecological problems.