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Fruit tree drip irrigation micro-irrigation is a irrigation technique using micro-irrigation equipment assembled into a micro-irrigation system to deliver and distribute water to the field, wetting the soil near the roots of the crop by irrigating it with a small flow rate.

Micro-irrigation makes it very easy to apply water to the soil near each plant, often maintaining a low water stress to meet crop growth needs. Micro-irrigation saves water, labour and energy, and the working pressure of the irrigation is generally 50-150kpa; the uniformity of irrigation is high, up to 80-90 or more; it increases yield and is highly adaptable to soil and terrain. However, the investment in micro-irrigation systems is generally much higher than ground irrigation; the irrigation outlet is very small, easy to block, and the requirements for filtration systems are high.

Micro-sprinkler belts scope of use

A variety of vegetables, flowers, lawns, fruit trees, wheat and other crops. Used for greenhouse cooling, place dust proof effect is also very good.

The use of methods

1, the micro spray belt along the crop monopoly to spread, spray hole facing up;
2, the first end and the output end of the pump connected (fastened with a metal card), here you can use a quick connector, you can also use the corresponding diameter of the micro spray belt metal pipe or PVC plastic pipe, and connect a valve;
3, the end can be tied with soft rope or micro-spray belt folded several times after a small section of micro-spray belt.
4、After the pump starts to supply water, adjust the gate valve from small to large, and keep adjusting to the appropriate spraying width;
5、When winding up, unwind the first end of the micro-spray belt, raise the micro-spray belt so that the water leaks out to the end, and then manually roll up or use the winding frame to roll up and save.

Fruit tree drip irrigation micro-spray belt is easy to use. Due to the low working pressure and low requirements for water quality, it can be used from several acres to several hundred acres, which is very suitable for the current domestic agricultural production situation. After use, it can be pressed into a flat belt or coiled into a roll, with small volume and light weight, making it easy to use.