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What? You don’t know the layflat hose? Let me tell you what is layflat hose.

Layflat hose is a hose that is used to transport, handle and store giant volumes of liquids like water, oil and other chemicals. Most commonly, there are two main types of layflat hoses used for industrial purposes.

They include the woven reinforcement hoses and the braided ones with spun reinforcement. Both of these are used according to their usage and requirement of the project.

Knowing about the layflat hoses advantages help you on making a decision. Whether you would like to keep the old hoses or change it, it needs a discussion. Its flexibility ensures you to get an easier use and the handling. It has a maximum storage volume and good way of transport.

Installing this kind of hoses helps you a lot on maintaining the garden’s irrigation and for the pipe rehabilitation linings. Before the deep discussion about our company which leads in this industry, let us learn about the hoses.

Reasons to choose layflat hoses

If you have always thought about the importance of lay flat hoses, then you will find a best answer here. Below mentioned are some of the core reasons or the benefits of layflat hoses due to which they are much preferred in the modern days.

To start with, the lay flat hose provides a complete support to all the hydraulic fracking activities. Therefore, it helps in the relocation of huge quantities of water.

It is a fact that these lay flat hoses are constructed in many different designs and structures. As a result, they require the minimum level of elongation and snaking. In addition to this, these hoses also improve the operational efficiency.

Whenever there is a need to transfer the recycle water or flow backwater, lay flat hoses are the first options. These hoses are most commonly used for these purposes across the globe.

The best feature of these hoses is that they ensure health and safety exposure reduction. With a lay flat hose, your stay completely safe at all times and you can be ensured about good quality of service.

Since the hoses help in minimizing the material handling costs and decreased labor, it ultimately helps in saving your many dollars.

PVC layflat hose

Hoses types

· Hose reel hose

· Suction hose

· Lay flat delivery hose: It is used in agriculture, construction, mining and wastewater industries in water pumping applications

Light duty PVC hoses:Light duty PVC hoses are suitable for dewatering, irrigation and similar water pumping applications.

Medium-duty PVC lay flat hoses: Medium-duty PVC lay flat hoses are suitable for dewatering and irrigation where a higher water pressure and more durable lay flat hose is required.

Heavy duty PVC hoses: Heavy duty lay flat hose is used where a high water pressure product is required. They are designed in such a way that they operate at high water pressure for longer durations, and the layer or body is uneven and they are able to minimize scuffing on the outside because of this feature.

irrigation hose

Storage and handling of lay flat hoses:

To enable easy storage of these lay flat hoses in various appliance lockers, it needs to be:

· It must be light weight

· Able to neatly coil in small circles wither in a dry or wet condition.

· Must be sturdy and durable during and after performance.

· Must have a highly resistant to abrasion.

· It must be easily repairable

· Must have a fast deployment and retrieval.

It must have undergone quality tests and acceptance tests. They are tested not only for pressure but for pressure fluctuations. These hoses are designed and created to perform serious job and hence a lot of importance is given for quality.

Do you have a new understanding of layflat hose, or do you still have some doubts, as a trusted layflat hose supply supplier, we can always serve you.