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DIY Drip Arrow Kits

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General Information

DIY Drip Arrow Kits

Products Name: DIY Drip Arrow kits
Application: It can be DIY as your need, with 4 arrow a set, can be used for garden plant irrigation or farm land tree irrigation

DIY Drip Arrow Kits Specification

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DIY Drip Arrow Kits Installation

Cut the pipe as you need

①Cut the pipe as you need

Connect pipe with Tee

②Connect pipe with Tee

Connector pipe to dripper

③Connector pipe to dripper

connected arrow with 3mm pipe

④connected arrow with 3mm pipe

Connect to connector

⑤Connect to connector

Connect to the dripper

⑥Connect to the dripper

Connect to adaptor

⑦Connect to adaptor

Connect to the faucet

⑧Fixed the dripper

Customer Testimonials

"I have been using this hose for irrigation on my farm and it has exceeded my expectations. It is durable, light weight and provides excellent water flow. Highly recommended!"

John R

"We use this hose for drainage at our construction sites and it is easy to handle and the quick connections make setup a breeze. Great quality!"

Sarah L

"I purchased this hose for pool maintenance and it is great. It's flexible, easy to reel up and the water flow is impressive. I am very pleased with its performance."

David S

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