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Drip irrigation pipes are commonly used in farm irrigation and their use is always something that users need to master. Not only do we need to follow the correct steps to use the equipment, we also need to pay attention to the details of the process, if we make mistakes in these details, it will easily lead to its irrigation operations being affected.

  1. When laying the drip irrigation pipe, pay attention to the compacting of the membrane, so that the membrane is as close as possible, so that there is no space between the two.
  2. Pipes and drip heads are prone to clogging and require high water quality, so filters must be installed.
  3. The water pressure in the pipeline affects the operation of the whole drip irrigation equipment, so calculate the water pressure before use and install a water pressure meter to monitor and control.
  4. Adjust the amount of irrigation water according to the condition of the fruit trees.
  5. The equipment cannot regulate the microclimate in the field and is not suitable for irrigation during the freezing period.

Users in the use of drip irrigation pipe, in addition to mastering its use, but also need to pay attention to the above points, usually need to pay attention to check when using, find problems in time to deal with, so as to avoid drip irrigation pipe a bigger failure.
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