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PVC fiber reinforced hose is a kind of hose product widely used in industry, agriculture, construction and other fields, with excellent pressure resistance, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, etc. It is widely used for conveying liquids, gases, solid particles and other media. This article will introduce PVC fiber reinforced pipe in detail.

How is PVC fiber reinforced hose made?

PVC fiber reinforced pipe is made primarily from PVC, PVC fiber reinforced pipes boast a three-layer structure. These layers are formed through a high-temperature composite process. The inner and outer layers consist of PVC in various colors, while the middle layer utilizes reinforced industrial fibers to strengthen the pipe.

PVC fiber hose
PVC fiber hose

Benefits of PVC fiber reinforced pipes

Lightweight: These pipes are easy to handle and transport due to their minimal weight.
Corrosion-resistant: They withstand exposure to harsh chemicals and elements.
Insoluble: They won’t dissolve in most solvents or liquids.
High compressive strength: They can bear significant pressure without collapsing.
Safe and hygienic: The materials used pose no health risks.
Low water flow resistance: Water flows smoothly through the pipes, minimizing energy consumption.
Metal-saving: They offer a viable alternative to metal pipes, reducing reliance on this resource.
Environmentally friendly: They contribute to a better living environment due to their efficient water usage.
Durable: They boast a long lifespan.
Easy to install: Their lightweight nature simplifies the installation process.

How to identify PVC fiber reinforced hose?

High-quality PVC fiber reinforced hoseInferior quality PVC fiber reinforced hose
Look at the appearancesurface smooth and flat, uniform color, no cracks, bubbles and other defectssurface is rough and uneven, uneven color, there may be cracks, bubbles and other defects
Feelingfeels hard and elasticfeel soft and floppy, no elasticity
Smellno obvious odorhave a pungent odor
Test weightweight heavierlighter in weight
Burning testburning slowly, the flame is blue, no black smokeburning quickly, the flame is yellow, black smoke
Check markingshould be qualified manufacturers, product models, specifications and other signsmay have no marking, or marking is not standardized


PVC fiber reinforced hose is widely used in the following fields:
Agricultural irrigation: used for conveying water, pesticides, fertilizers, etc.
Industrial transportation: used for conveying chemical liquids, gases, oils, etc.
Construction engineering: used for drainage, ventilation, air conditioning system, etc.
Greenhouse: for irrigation, drainage and other systems.

fibre reinforced hose application


PVC fiber reinforced hoses are a versatile piping solution with extensive applications across diverse industries. This article has aimed to provide you with a deeper understanding of these hoses.Orientflex continues to integrate the current market demand, continuous reform and technological innovation, to expand the application of innovation, to lead the industry-oriented, PVC hose from the simplest water transfer operations to get rid of, for different kinds of different uses, innovation in various industries, the production of a variety of applicable types of PVC We are looking forward to cooperating with you.

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