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Many users are not very familiar with the model of PVC Steel Wire Hose production factory. Under normal circumstances, each model will have a certain number of steel reinforced pvc flexible pipe.

These types of PVC hoses are basically produced in large quantities as stocks. Why do some wire reinforced PVC hose need to be made separately? The main reason is that there are too many types of PVC steel wire pipes, the inner diameter of which ranges from a few millimeters to more than 200 millimeters, and the wall thickness is different, most of which have 4-5 different parameters of the wall thickness.

wire reinforced pvc hose
PVC Steel Wire Hose

Therefore, there may be hundreds of different PVC steel wire pipes. The reality is that no matter whether it is a large factory or a small factory, it is impossible to include all models. It is possible to find similar types whose inner diameter meets the outer diameter, whether thick or thin.

Therefore, if a certain number of different types of PVC steel wire pipes are produced for each type, with the fluctuation of raw materials, there is a large amount of risk, so it can only be customized according to the situation in large quantities.

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