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Water saving irrigation advantages of this technology are that it saves water, saves labour and can change the planting structure, but there are also many problems, such as the fact that in many cases the use of irrigation products is unreasonable and not properly understood, causing many losses.

The development of irrigation systems and water management are not well integrated with the characteristics of the crops grown, and there are also shortcomings in irrigation equipment production and construction companies.

Advantages of water saving irrigation

  1. Water saving
    At present, most flower enterprises still use manual watering pipes, which not only water unevenly but also have the problem of wasting a lot of water. If plug-in, drip irrigation and small pipe outflow methods are used, the uniformity of watering can be improved.
  2. Labour saving
    Save up to 90 per cent of labour. Nowadays labour costs are rising and it is not easy to hire workers. If you use water-saving irrigation, you can save manual labour and improve the efficiency of manual use.
  3. Change the planting structure
    Rooftop greening, three-dimensional flower beds are increasingly used in practice, using a combination of micro-irrigation and drip irrigation technology to promote three-dimensional greening.
  4. Water and fertilizer construction
    Water and fertilizer coupling is currently a major hot spot in irrigation, in the irrigation at the same time, according to the needs of different growth periods of flowers, will be fertilized, drugging synchronization.
  5. Adjustment of small environment
    For flowers that do not tolerate high humidity environment, drip irrigation can be used, for flowers that like high humidity using micro-spray, sprinkler irrigation can also play a cooling effect, from the regulation of the plant local small environment.