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Repair of a PVC garden hose with duct tape is only a temporary repair. Permanent repairs usually involve cutting the pipe and installing new joints and replacement parts, or relaying the entire pipe. To modify a garden pipe with tape, do this:

Four ways to fix leaky PVC garden pipe

1. Use rubber or silicone repair tape

First, rubber and silicone repair tape is a thick, heavy duty tape that sticks to itself, not the part you’re trying to secure. It is elastic and somewhat sticky, so it can be stretched and glued to itself to increase the compression of the tape winding. However, it is important to note that if there is a longitudinal crack in the pipe, it can be wound in a spiral fashion for a considerable distance. However, it can be difficult to apply in tight Spaces.

2. Repair the epoxy

Restorative epoxies used to bond PVC and other plastics are usually in the form of putty and liquid (syringe). Both can be used to repair PVC joints and pipe leaks. Dry the area and apply epoxy according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Most types are set up in about 25 minutes, but it may take an hour or more to reach maximum intensity. Liquid epoxy is thinner than putty and may be better suited for leaks in narrow Spaces, such as drains passing through holes in studs or other frame members.

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3. Fiberglass wrap

Fiberglass inclusions are fiberglass cloths coated with water-activated resin. To use, wet the cloth with water and wrap it around a leaky PVC pipe or joint, allowing the resin to harden for 10 or 15 minutes. Follow the manufacturer’s application tips for best results, and try to extend the wrap by at least 2 inches on each side of the leak area.

4. Rubber and hose clamps

A thick piece of rubber and a few hose clamps can do dirty temporary repairs without you having to go to the store to buy supplies. If the leak is isolated in an area and not separated along the length of the joint or pipe, you can usually place a piece of rubber around it. Open the hose clamps completely so that you can pull them apart and bypass the pipe. Wrap the rubber around the leak, then tighten the hose clamp at both ends of the rubber and press the rubber piece against the leak. This will often stop or at least slow the leak considerably and buy you some time to make permanent repairs. This repair is best for smooth parts of the pipe, where the rubber can make full contact with the pipe surface. It does not work well on contours or on edges where fittings meet pipes.

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