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When it comes to types of suction hose, it’s a broad and diverse topic. Suction hoses play an important role in a variety of fields, including industry, agriculture, construction, and firefighting. Various types of suction hoses are designed for specific applications to meet different needs. In this article, we will take a closer look at the different types of suction hoses to help you better understand their features and uses.

10 types of suction hoses

  1. PVC Suction Hose
    PVC suction hoses are a common type of suction hose typically used in agricultural and industrial applications. They are made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which offers excellent chemical resistance and can be used to transport a wide range of liquids and granular materials. These hoses are typically more affordable than other materials and are relatively lightweight, making them easy to carry and install.

Common applications for PVC suction hoses include drainage, sewage, agricultural irrigation and chemical transfer. They are also used for sanitary equipment, playgrounds and swimming pool cleaning as they are resistant to various chemicals and UV rays.

PVC Suction Hose
PVC Suction Hose
  1. Rubber suction hose
    Rubber suction hoses are made of rubber for superior abrasion resistance and durability. These hoses are suitable for applications that require greater strength and durability, such as concrete pumping at construction sites, coal mine discharges, and chemical transfer in some chemical processes.

Rubber suction hoses typically have a larger inside diameter in order to handle high flow rates. They can also operate in both low and high temperatures, so they perform well in a variety of environments. However, it should be noted that rubber suction hoses are relatively heavy and therefore may require more effort in terms of carrying and installation.

  1. Metal suction hose
    Metal suction hoses are made from metals such as stainless steel, aluminum, or copper and are highly resistant to corrosion and high temperatures. They are mainly used for handling high temperature liquids or gases and corrosive substances. Metal suction hoses are usually used in industrial and chemical fields to meet special process requirements.

These hoses are not only resistant to corrosion, but can also work in high temperature environments, making them highly suitable for industries such as refining, chemical and metal processing. Since metal suction hoses are expensive to manufacture, they are often used in applications that require extremely high performance.

  1. Spiral-wound suction hose
    A spiral wound suction hose is a hose with a spiral steel wire wound support structure that is typically used in applications that handle high pressure, high suction and high flow requirements. These hoses are widely used in construction, mining and agriculture because of their ability to provide reliable performance in harsh conditions.

The spiral-wound suction hose’s helical steel wire support structure gives it excellent pressure resistance against high-pressure fluids. In addition, they prevent the hose from folding or collapsing, ensuring continuous fluid flow. This makes them ideal for handling sediments, slurries and granular materials.

  1. food grade suction hose
    Food grade suction hose is a type of hose specifically designed for use in the food processing and catering industry. These hoses must meet hygiene standards and be able to resist the handling of food, beverages and liquid ingredients.

Food grade suction hoses are often made from special materials that offer excellent resistance to oils, fats and chemicals. They are also frequently used in restaurants, food production lines and the brewing industry to ensure the hygiene and quality of food and beverages.

  1. Firefighting suction hose
    Firefighting suction hoses are a type of hose designed for firefighting applications. They must be able to resist high pressures and temperatures to ensure timely fire response.

Firefighting suction hoses are usually made of rubber or polymers and have excellent resistance to pressure and high temperatures. They are often fitted with quick connectors so that firefighters can quickly deploy and connect to firefighting equipment.

  1. Oil Suction Hose
    Oil suction hoses are used for the transportation of oil and oil products. These hoses must have excellent oil resistance to ensure the safe and efficient transportation of liquids in the petroleum industry.

Oil suction hoses are typically made of special synthetic rubbers that are resistant to all types of petroleum products, including crude oil, gasoline, and diesel fuel. They are also frequently used in marine, oil processing and oil field extraction.

  1. Medical suction hose
    Medical suction hose is a type of hose designed for the medical industry to suck liquids and gases from inside or outside the body. These hoses must meet healthcare standards to ensure patient safety and hygiene.

Medical suction hoses are typically made of non-toxic, odorless materials with excellent flexibility and corrosion resistance. They are used in operating rooms, emergency vehicles and medical equipment to efficiently suction secretions and waste.

  1. Swimming pool suction hose
    Swimming pool suction hoses are a type of hose used to maintain swimming pools, usually for cleaning and draining. These hoses must be resistant to chemicals and UV rays to ensure long-term use.

Swimming pool suction hoses are usually made of PVC, which provides excellent chemical and abrasion resistance. They are commonly used in pool cleaners, pool drains and water treatment equipment.

  1. Underground Pipe Suction Hose
    Underground pipe suction hoses are typically used for drainage systems and underground pipe maintenance. These hoses must be able to resist aggression in the underground environment, including chemicals and groundwater pressure.

Underground pipeline suction hoses are usually made of rubber or special synthetic materials that provide excellent resistance to pressure and corrosion.

flexible pvc suction hose application

Whether you need to suck up water, chemicals, solid particles or liquids, various types of suction hoses are available for different applications. Choosing the right types of suction hose is critical to the successful completion of a task. We hope this article has helped you understand the various types of suction hose and their uses. Different types of suction hoses offer unique benefits in a variety of areas, so be sure to consider your specific needs and conditions when choosing a suction hose.