25ft Expandable Garden Hose
25ft Expandable Garden Hose

25ft Expandable Garden Hose

Temperature Resistant: The outdoor garden hose is UV resistant and low temperature resistant (32°F/0°C).

Expanding: The garden hose pipe will expand up to about 25 feet (7.5 meters), 3x its original size, when water is turned on. When turned off, the pipe recoils back to its original length of about 8 feet (2.5 meters) for easy storage.

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Product Introduction

Expandable Garden Hose Smart Construction:

The inner tube is made of latex while the outer layer is made of durable PP to withstand strong water pressure without leaking or bursting.

Available in 4 Lengths

Available in 25ft, 50ft, 75ft, 100ft lengths

Expandable Garden Hose Characteristics:

● Safely operate with water pressure up to 145 psi/10 -bar

● Expandable up to 3X its size

● Expands under pressure and returns to its original size in seconds

● Kink resistant

● Weather and abrasion resistant

● Odourless and nontoxic

● Lightweight and flexible for easy handling

● Temperature is from -10℃ to 65℃

Expandable Garden Hose Application:

As the name suggested, garden hose is mainly used to water garden, plants and landscape. It can be also used to do clean works at home, in the park, community and factory. Besides, PVC garden hose is good for car and other vehicles clean washing. What’s more, you can water your vegetables with this hose.

What is expandable hose made from?

Expandable Garden Hose

To get started I should explain what an expandable hose is exactly. These hoses expand up to three times their length when water is on, but go back to their original size when the water is off; self-draining at the same time. Generally, they are much lighter than traditional hoses, they don’t twist or kink, and they are easily storable.

Latex Core

There are two main materials used that allow this process to occur. Some hoses have a latex core, a mixture of organic materials that are used as rubber. This can be doubled up (or even used in triple layers) for added durability. Hoses with this core are considered longer lasting than those used with other materials.

TPC Core

TPC stands for thermoplastic co-polyester, a flexible, elastic material that is used in the creation of tubing and hoses, among other things. It is touted as having high heat resistance and as being very durable over time.

Nylon Shell

A nylon shell materials are the most common covering found over the hose core due to its ability to shed water easily, dry out quickly, and fold upon itself as the hose retracts after being filled. Nylons are occasionally woven together to provide a thicker, more durable covering that wears slower while still providing the breathability and wicking traits needed to keep from mildews building up when in storage.

Hose Fittings

Brass is the most popular metal alloy used for hose fittings due to its ability to last through weather and overall strength. The material used in hose connectors impacts the overall performance of the hose due to how the fittings wear over time, or even how they connect to a water source.

Instructions for Using an Expandable Hose

• Before you start using your expandable hose for the first time, check that the rubber ring is installed inside the end of the hose that connects to the faucet, or the hose may leak.

• Attach the side of the hose with the female fitting and the rubber ring to the water source.

• Turn the ON / OFF valve on the far side of the hose to the OFF position.

• Turn the water on at the faucet, allowing the water pressure in the hose to increase gradually while the hose valve is closed. The hose will automatically expand up to 3 times its original length when full.

• When the hose is fully expanded, turn the ON / OFF valve at the far end of the hose to the ON position and use the hose like any ordinary garden hose.

• Screw a spray nozzle or a water wand onto the threads at the end of the hose, just like you would do on a traditional garden hose. When used without a spray nozzle, the hose will contract several feet or more when the water is turned on and flowing.

• When using a nozzle, slowly open the valve on the hose to the desired working water pressure, and then adjust the water flow with the valve on the nozzle or other attachment, if it has one.

• If the attachment does not have its own valve, adjust the flow of water using the valve on the hose.

• Make sure all connections are tight and washers are in place to prevent fittings from leaking.

• After use, turn the water off at the faucet. You can leave the hose in place for a short time, if you plan to come back soon and continue using it.

• When the hose is not in use, open the ON / OFF valve at the far end of the hose and allow the water in the hose to drain out. If you are using a nozzle, also open the nozzle. As the water begins to drain from the hose, it will automatically contract back into its original size.

• The expandable hose is designed for outdoor use in residential settings. Do not use the hose for commercial applications or for work where the water pressure must exceed 80 PSI.

Safety Concerns You Should Know About

• Expandable hoses contract back to their original length very quickly. Keep people and pets clear of the hose when it is contracting, and ensure the hose will not snag on sharp edges as it contracts.

• Do not stretch or expand the hose when it is empty. The hose is intended to expand only when it is filled with water. This hose can stretch to up to three times its “relaxed” or original length, and if it is stretched with no water in it and accidently released, it will quickly snap back and could cause personal injury.

• The hose is not a toy! Don’t let children play with it, and keep children and animals away from the work area when using the hose. Do not leave the hose unattended when children and animals are nearby.

• Risk of suffocation! Keep the packaging material away from children and animals.

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