12mm Legacy Garden Hose
12mm Legacy Garden Hose

12mm Legacy Garden Hose

Tube and cover: PVC

Reinforcement: high tensile strength polyester fibre

Length: 20 meters, 25 meters, 30 meters or customized

General color: green, brown blue or custommized

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Product Introduction

Besides the standard length and color, we offer customize service.

- Surface treatment: paintings and words can be customized on the surface

- Color: other colors like yellow, red and orange can be customized.

- Length: any lengths are available

- Package: PP braided cloth, nonwoven, wooden case, carton or pallet. Other package styles can be customized according to your requirement

garden hose customize service

Garden Hose Characteristics:

● High pressure resistant without leakage.

● Abrasion and UV resistant.

● Long working life.

● Odourless and nontoxic.

● Light in weight, flexible and easy to coil

● Durable for heavy duty use

● Temperature is from -10℃ to 65℃

Garden Hose Characteristics Garden Hose Characteristics

Garden Hose Application:

As the name suggested, garden hose is mainly used to water garden, plants and landscape. It can be also used to do clean works at home, in the park, community and factory. Besides, PVC garden hose is good for car and other vehicles clean washing. What’s more, you can water your vegetables with this hose.

Garden Hose Application

How to Maintain Your Garden Hoses

Garden hoses may be a small investment, but replacing them yearly could be expensive. With a few simple care tips, your hose will last for many seasons to come. To put it simply: Drain, unkink and reel up your hose to keep it functional.

1. Lengthen the life of your hose by draining it after each use. Turn off the water at the spigot. Hold the nozzle trigger until the water stops, releasing the rest of the water pressure. Disconnect the hose from the spigot and let the water drain out.

2. Kinks in hoses damage the hose’s wall, which then tears or splits open. This causes a hole in your garden hose. Look for kinking as you coil or uncoil your hose, then unkink it as you go.

3. Another easy way to extend the life of your garden hose is to store it on a reel when it’s not in use. Simple hose hangers or a garden hose reel will keep your hose neat. It also means the hose isn’t a tripping hazard. This adds years to the life of your garden hose.

4. Store your hose in a garage, basement or shed during the winter. Hoses contract and expand with cold and heat, which can damage your hose. Extend your hose’s life by keeping it where it’s unaffected by the elements.

Maintain Your Garden Hoses

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